20 Gentleman Quotes To Become The Man Of Your Dreams!

This year, we are more interested in virility, in what makes the man. We hear everywhere about masculinity in crisis, we are told about models of toxic virility…

Becoming a man is good… Becoming a gentleman is still better!

We have compiled for you 20 quotes on the art of being a nice man, a gentleman, a gentleman!

Question of style, elegance, good manners? The modern gentleman is a bit of it all!

How to read this article on the quotes of a gentleman?

Unnecessary reading: you read, you laugh, you close the article. You haven’t learned anything.

Level 1 reading: you read, you take one or two quotes to look intelligent and cultivated in the evening. That’s not bad!

Level 2 reading: you read, you enjoy a quote from a gentleman, and you look for who he is, what he did, said, wrote, directed. This will allow you to have an even deeper conversation!

List of quotes about the gentleman

1) “If a man does not kiss a woman on the first date, he is a gentleman. The second is that he’s gay. “

David E. Kelley

2) ” A gentleman is someone who knows how to play the bagpipes and who does not. “

Pierre Desproges

3) ” A gentleman is someone who listens to the story you tell as if he were hearing it for the first time.

Austin O’Malley, visibly expert in social dynamics. The rule is simple: never interrupt your interlocutors!

4) “A gentleman is a gentleman who, when he meets a middle-aged woman, chooses the least likely. »

David Niven, who has also retained our rules for a compliment.

5) “A gentleman is one who can describe Sophia Loren without making a move.

Michel Audiard, the embodiment of the class.

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6) “A gentleman is a gentleman who uses a sugar tongs, even when he is alone. »

Alphonse Allais.

7) “A gentleman is someone who never hurts the feelings of others without doing it on purpose.”

Oscar Wilde

8) “The real gentleman is one who always calls a spade a spade, even when he trips over it and falls. “

Jean Delacour

9) ” You can always count on a gentleman when it comes to not understanding a woman. »

Romain Gary… For all those who would like to understand women …

10) “ Being a man is a question of birth. Being a man is a matter of age. But being a gentleman is a matter of choice. “

Vin Diesel

11) ” A gentleman is a patient wolf. “

Henriette Tiarks

12) ” The perfect gentleman is very happy to keep quiet. He knows the Arabic proverb: Speech is silver, but silence is golden. To say nothing in many circumstances is better than to speak, and in the world to abstain is wise. “

Théophile Gautier

13) ” Gallant man: Depending on the circumstances pronounce galantuomo or gentleman. “

Gustave Flaubert

14) ” The same society that abhors the professional executioner has no disgust for the gentleman executioner. “


15) ” It takes three generations to make a gentleman. »

François I, Father and Restorer of Letters (and King of France)

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16) ” A gentleman is one who attaches great importance to the happiness of women. »

Anonymous (take the file here to make a woman cum! !)

17) ” A romantic, gallant and gentleman will always have a thousand and one tenderness for the women of his life. »


18) ” A gentleman can only be interested in lost causes … “

Jorge Luis Borges

19) “Gentleman: name that a girl gives to a young man as long as he hasn’t taken her to the movies yet. »

Anonymous (yourself you know what a first date at the cinema is worth)

20) ” Philanthropist. Rich (and generally bald) old gentleman who forces himself to keep smiling while his conscience makes his pockets. “

Ambrose Bierce

Gentleman, it’s up to you to find your way, your style, your definition of what a good man is. Who protects the widow and the orphan. Who thinks of him, but also of the happiness and pleasure of others.

This year, we are going to focus on the masculinity that sometimes weighs on you, that scares some women.

Between us, between men, we are not always very gentle. Not always considerate. Our goal is 2019 more than ever, is solidarity, mutual aid between men.

It always happens on the forum, it also happens on the Youtube channel of seduction advice, and of course two to three times a week here on the site.

Questions about masculinity? On manhood? Ask in the comments, and we’ll get back to you!


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