Building a Dream Lifestyle to Attract Women

You sit at the computer all day? Do you spend your Saturday nights watching movies by yourself? Do you have two friends with whom you only communicate via Whatsapp?

If you want to be attractive, your lifestyle is an important part of the equation.

You’re given a lot of techniques to seduce, to make it easier to get closer, to have a structured and interesting conversation, to approach them while protecting you from rejection as much as possible…

But as we also say, you have to realize that inner game and lifestyle are essential to be really attractive. Especially if you want to keep a relationship going…

How to create an attractive lifestyle?

A strong social circle

you must first have “success” with people in general. To do this, I recommend that you build a strong group of friends that you can see and call frequently.

To be appreciated in a social group, it is very simple, bring VALUE to others:

– Have hobbies that include others: team sports, card games, etc…

– Have good stories to tell.

– Don’t hesitate to organize small parties or at least gatherings, if only to have a drink after school/work.

It’s very appealing to see that you are always surrounded by people, especially if they are in a good mood and have energy. It’s even more appealing if you’re the one organizing the “events”.

You position yourself as a leader in this way, and the leader of the group is always the one you want.

Choose your friends well, you need to surround yourself with people who are happy, relaxed, friendly, confident and healthy… Sour, insecure, pessimistic, negative, even scary guys scare everyone away.

Creativity, ambitions and passions

Every human being is creative. Everyone has passions, ambitions, and activities that make them happy and enthusiastic.

It’s time to ask yourself the right questions and think about what yours are… and then devote time to them.

Working 9 to 5 and then wallowing in front of the TV or computer every night without ever moving is the miracle recipe for a truly boring life to die for.

On the other hand, if you play an instrument, have a passion for a sport or an art such as photography, or create websites for example, you are telling the world that you are someone who is trying to create his own reality, who wants to take responsibility for his life and who goes to the ends of his projects and passions.

Are you a man of passion, ambition and goals? Believe me, this kind of man is very exciting for a woman.

This ambition and immersion in your goals and passions influences women’s subconscious.

You give them the following message: I am solid, determined, a leader (it always comes back to that!) and above all a guy who will know how to take care of a woman and children.

It also shows her that you’re going to be anything but a burden to her. Your life is great without her. You’re doing well on your own and she has the opportunity to come into your life. You’re the opposite of the needy man. You want her to share your life, but you don’t NEED her.

Besides, that makes you an interesting person because you have a lot to talk about…

So finding your passions / vocation is not easy.

It takes time and then you have to organize yourself to integrate her into your life. But the effort is a thousand times rewarded because your life becomes richer, more interesting and you become a more fulfilled and confident guy… The collateral benefit of all this? You become much more attractive.

Multiply the activities

This is the logical continuation of the previous point, but it still deserves to be repeated and made explicit. Make sure you get out and have activities and events you can go to.

In addition to nightclubs, go to museums, festivals, concerts, to new restaurants you don’t know, to a park to lie on the grass with her, to the theatre or to a cooking class.

Take a trip, go on short weekends. That’s how to have a really exciting life that any woman dreams of sharing with you.

Even if it’s hard to get out of your comfort zone and into the unknown, force yourself at first and make it a ritual. Take 30 minutes every weekend to plan the events and outings you want to do the following week.

After a few weeks, this ritual will become a well-established and extremely beneficial habit for your life (which you will not be able to do without).

Health and Fitness

As you know, the law of nature and evolution has always favored strong and healthy individuals.

Unconsciously, we are all, male and female, looking for potential partners who look healthy and are able to pass on strong genes to our offspring. Our primary brains are made that way.

Without having Lazar Angelov physique, what I would advise you to do is simply to get into sports. You can go to the gym, swim, ride a bike, etc… Try to do this several times a week to stay in shape.

Your body is made to move. If it vegetates, it will get sick and deteriorate.

A healthy lifestyle will be immediately visible on your face, in your eyes and obviously in the shape of your body.

In addition to exercising, pay attention to what you eat. Think about vegetables, simple foods, homemade meals, … I am not a nutritionist, but I imagine that you have a good idea of what constitutes a healthy diet.

When it comes to clothing, find a style of clothing that suits you and that enhances your body.

In conclusion

Creating a lifestyle that women find attractive takes time. It’s work, I’m not going to lie to you (myth-breaking sequence).

It’s probably the biggest transformation challenge for a man who wants to be more successful with women… with the implementation of a solid inner game.

On the other hand, this work on you will simply change your life. The rewards are great if you make that effort and decide to build a quality lifestyle.

Not only will women be super attracted by the confidence, charisma and personality inherent in this type of transformation, but those who go out with you won’t want to let go. And most importantly, you’ll be happy and fulfilled. Yep, that’s all.

All the qualities I’ve talked about in this article, being ambitious, being healthy and strong, having strong social leadership… are natural masculine qualities. You have those qualities deep down inside you, they’re in your nature.

And genetically, these are the same natural masculine qualities that have been unconsciously attracting women (females?) for millennia, and which tend to be lost in the present time. Be a man.



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