Dating: The 9 Ultimate Tips for a Successful Date

Dating a girl, whether it’s for the first time or the umpteenth time, has always been for some guys a real challenge that they don’t know how to handle…

I’ve dealt several times with articles that deal with the art of making a success of your first date etc… But through the post of this article, I’m going to try to talk, once and for all, about the ingredients that will make the outing with your sweetheart, a nice moment… Attractive!

YOU make the plan


Don’t be like the failed guys who ask the girl to choose what she wants to do as a plan, to let her suggest where to go… As an Alpha Male seducer, YOU have to be the one who leads the dance, not her!

Always make plans.  In fact, a backup plan is always nice. If for example your sweetheart calls you and says she had to leave for her dog’s funeral, or some other stupid excuse, you’re not going to be left standing like… a dick! But you’re going to go to your plan B, which you’ve been planning for a long time. It’s as simple as that.

Just keep in mind, therefore, that you should never ask the girl where she wants to go, at least not in the first few weeks you meet her.

Be different.

Come up with an exit plan she’s never done with a guy – failed. Your sweetheart let’s be nice and say she’s been invited, at least, 30 times to a café, 45 times to a restaurant, and 75 times to a movie…

This kind of plan reminds her of all the guys who tried to date her, and thus become their boyfriend. This will, naturally, activate negative emotions in her that will, consequently, affect YOUR game of seduction.

Activities… Elsewhere!

By this, I want to put the finger, once again, on the problem that guys tend to encounter when they go out with a girl, for a coffee, or a dinner in a restaurant. Indeed, this kind of encounters, emphasizes your conversational skills.

If you’re NOT a good talker, as the other one would say, you’re going to screw up your chances of seeing your sweetheart turn into a girlfriend.

So bring her into a stimulating environment where conversation is not your only way to seduce her… Because in a café, it often feels like a job interview, and you all know it’s not seductive at all.

Focus on emotions… Pleasant!

Girls are very sensual and wonderfully sensitive creatures. They like the feeling of well-being and joy

In short, they like everything emotional!

Bring her to a one-man show by a talented actor, Be sure she’ll have a great time laughing with you… and as we saw above, your sweetheart will automatically associate these moments of laughter and fun… with you!

When she comes home to tell her best friend/enemy about the outing, she will tell him, without knowing it:

“Wow, we had a good laugh! »

Invite her into YOUR world

Your outing must take place on your own ground (not necessarily your bed, we’re not there yet!) you must invite him/her, either to do something that you know perfectly well, or in a place where you know people!

By bringing her into YOUR world, YOU frame the situation. YOU impose YOUR rules. You are DOMINANT.  You are, by definition, the Alpha Male Dominant!!

Never accept to go out, especially for the first time, with a girl who invites you to a party at her friends’ house, you will be lost like an atom in a jungle.

Go to Several places

In order to speed things up and optimize your game of seduction, it is important to know that going out with your sweetheart, in a single day, in several places, effectively allows you to work on your little princess’ subconscious… She will have the strange feeling of knowing you better, and sometimes she will even think that you are already a couple…

A date that starts with a little shopping in the local mall, going to a bookstore and ending up going to a jazz concert, will make the girl consider you as an acquaintance that she knows well, so she will trust you more. Especially if the outing goes well!

Think about the logistics of the outing

Don’t set the appointment in a remote part of town. If the lady is not motorized, make sure that the meeting place does not cause her transportation problems .

As a general rule, try to offer activities close to where you live, so that she can make a little trip to your place, WITHOUT staying there for a long time !

In fact, you can tell her to come to your house, BUT insist that you are NOT going to stay… just long enough to put your shoes on.

Why not? Why not?

Well, when the missus visits your place, it’ll be much easier to invite her to a cool Netflix party next time 😉

Do you live with mom and dad? Ah well, skip that part!

Some good Ideas

– Shopping

– One man show

– Salsa Classes

– Art Exhibition

– Sporting events

– Concerts

– Picnic

– Festivals

– Go-karting

– Rent a bicycle

– Etc…


Apart from the fact that you have to leave for this date, NOTHING that to have a GOOD time with a girl that you might be interested in afterwards, NEVER go out with a girl if you are in a bad mood, tired, stressed out with exams/work, or sick…

It’s better to date a girl when you’re in a good mood and in good spirits. Go out when you are positive and full of energy!!!!



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