Five Compliments To Give Your Buddies Because They Worth It

Do you sometimes compliment your friends? Or are you more of the type who constantly winnows them?

If you find yourself in the second case, know that you are missing out on many benefits.

Insults and mockery in Schadenfreude mode (rejoicing in the misfortune of others, in this case, your “friends”) it can make you laugh for a moment … But it gets you where exactly?

Don’t you think there is a problem if you can’t compliment your friends?

Do they have no quality? Or are you afraid of passing for a “fragile” by revealing the bottom of your thought?

It is not because we are guys that we have to cut ourselves permanently!

Know that friendly relation, it’s good for your health.

In addition to feeling happiness and satisfaction seeing our bros, we would be less prone to stress, depression, diseases and … Our life expectancy could even belie!

According to a team of researchers based in Utah (EU), people benefiting from a stimulating environment could live up to seven years longer than others!

So it’s time to review our approach to friendship to say positive things to each other.

Here are very simple compliments so that you can (finally) show off your friends:

1) Compliments that show that you believe in them.

A study in the “ Journal of Research in Personality ” shows that an individual with strong support from loved ones increases their self-confidence.

Who did not feel the wings grow after hearing the famous one: “ Go for it !! You can do it ! ”.

To encourage is to awaken the energy of those who no longer believe in it. To encourage your friends is to encourage them to persevere so that they succeed in what they undertake.

To boost your compliment so that it will hit the target, adapt it according to the capacities of your friends. Emphasize their determination if they work 60 hours a week.

Target their courage if they never let go. Faced with relevant praise, your acolytes will realize that you are right to believe in them.


– Bravo for your courage. You have been giving your all in this project for two years.

– I know you will get there because you never let go. I believe in you.

– Your motivation is a pleasure to see!

– I trust your abilities because you excel in your field.

– You have already accomplished a lot. I’m sure you will continue on this path. I believe in you.

2) Compliments relating to physical appearance.

Pay attention to your physical appearance, adopt an impeccable look, work out…

This cult of appearance bathes our eyes and our ears all year long.

Physical appearance is very important in making a good first impression.

So what are you waiting for to flatter your best friend who has gained 10 kilos of muscle since he started pushing the gym? Let him know!

One of your friends has been taking special care of his look recently? Tell him that his efforts don’t go unnoticed and that he has class.

It’s always good to flatter your ego, it’s even better when the compliment is sincere.

So flatter the body and style of your bros! #nogay

Here are a few examples of compliments you can give them:

– You’re classy in this costume/outfit!

– Your new haircut looks good on you.

– You took a long time to prepare yourself this morning. Look at you!

– What will I look like if we walk side by side on the street?

– You would not have whitened your teeth?

3) Compliments that recognize their efforts.

Does your friend often do you a favor? He offers his help every time you are in trouble?

Tell him that you have noticed his devotion to you.

He is always looking for new ideas to surprise his wife?

Does he spend a lot of time with his kid? Point out to him his implication and his courage towards his relations.

It is gratifying to hear that our efforts are noticed. Even for the simplest things.

Here are some comments that will make them happy:

– Thank you guy for being so helpful.

– Thank you for listening.

– It’s good to be able to discuss all the topics with you.

– Your wife has a hell of luck having a husband as involved!

– I noticed that you did this for me. Thank you for this attention, I appreciate it.

4) Compliments that show that you respect them.

You understand your friends and you support them in their choices.

Respect is a form of love. To feel respected is to feel valued and considered.

It is important that your friends feel respected for who they are and for what they represent.

Whatever their choices, you accept them.

You are proud to have friends like them and admit to them:

– You are a good person.

– I have a lot of respect for what you do. Well done for that.

– You have become the best version of yourself. Respect.

– It’s brave to admit that you were wrong / to apologize.

– Even if I don’t always agree with your choices, I respect them.

5) Compliments that show that you are affected by them

We are the average of the five people we meet most.

Our friends, therefore, have a real impact on our lives.

As in the film The Heart of Men, you share everything with them: the good times but also those when you question yourself.

Tell them that you feel good in their presence. Let them know they have a positive impact on your well-being.

Because you are proud that they are your buddies:

– You always manage to re-boost me.

– You are the funniest friend I know.

– You always give good advice, it helps me a lot.

– We never get bored with you.

– it’s always nice to see you again.

If you are unable to give your friends any of these compliments, it may be time to find others.

Unless you want to become like them: someone with no real interest.

True friends are important and not just for the good times.

Take care of yourself, because they are worth it.

To conclude on an exquisite note, Francis Bacon takes over the microphone and hums his favorite quote:

friendship doubles joys and halves sentences ”.

And according to you, what compliment does he make his friends?

PS: well done for reaching the end of this article. You are handsome.


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