How do you keep your girlfriend in love with you – forever?

You’ve met the woman of your dreams and you’re sure she’s the one!

But now a problem arises:

How do you keep her in love with you for a lifetime?

You’re probably looking for tricks to get her hooked on you. She’s beautiful, she’s cool, so you want her forever.

But you have to understand two things:

1) Stop asking yourself the question: “How can I keep her for the rest of my life? »

If you’re always wondering how to keep it, you don’t really trust yourself. Result: you put her on a pedestal = this girl is more valuable than you are. Thinking that way is GAME OVER direct!

2) Keeping a woman under your spell is a long mission.

This mission will require time, effort and sacrifice.

1) Be honest with her and above all, communicate!

After an idyllic start, you will go through a period with little problems here and there, and that’s completely normal. You should always talk about your relationship problems with your girlfriend, and vice versa. If you’re already used to communicating, you’ll get through these obstacles without difficulty.

2) Accept her as a person.

You need to accept her for who she is, not for who you want her to be. This girl has her personality, her faults, her qualities… You will never be able to change her.

Stop comparing her to other women and encourage her to make her own decisions.

3) Surprise her.

You must surprise her, for example by preparing a meal from A to Z. Another night, you can invite her to a fancy restaurant.

Beware: never be too romantic, otherwise you’ll end up pissing her off. Overly romantic guy = super boring guy. Never forget that!

4) Apply reverse psychology.

If she tells you: “next weekend, I’m going out partying with my girlfriends, I hope you don’t mind? »

Instead of freaking out and acting like a jealous guy, tell him, “Sure, honey, you’ve been working hard this week, you need to get out there and enjoy life. »

Your girlfriend will wonder why you’re not afraid she’s cheating on you, why you’re not jealous… All these questions will throw her off balance, that’s reverse psychology.

Well mastered, this technique will allow you to become a good seducer, not only with girls, but with everyone.

Never forget to remind her that you love her and how much certain details make you fall for her: her character, her look, her eyes…

You need to be creative and give her compliments that target her alone. For a compliment to be successful, it must be sincere. That way, the person who receives it will be touched.

You must find the special thing that made you fall in love with her (something other than her butt, if possible:).

5) Make love to her.

The first cause of infidelity is related to sexual dissatisfaction.

If your girlfriend is not satisfied in bed, who will satisfy her for you? Another one.

And what about you? What’s your trick to making your relationship last?

Take care of yourself, be a gentleman, and see you soon.



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