How To Make A Man Crazy About You

You want to know how to make a man fall madly in love with you? Look no further, read on.

You’ve been dating for weeks, even months, and you already feel like you’re sinking under Cupid’s power.

The only problem is that you can’t read your partner, where you feel that he really likes you, but something is missing to ignite the spark of love in him.

Love is a feeling and by definition is not controlled and not invented, certainly, but a helping hand is more than recommended, you are then in charge of giving the first match to light the flame, which hopefully will not go out anytime soon.

So here are my tips on how to give love a boost and turn an “I really like you” into a sincere “I love you”. In other words, how to make him fall in love with you and go crazy about you!

Making a man fall in love: Know how to distance yourself!

After a few weeks, even if he really likes you, your man doesn’t want to consider himself your savior and your only crutch.

You are an independent adult, at least you were before you met him, so don’t ruin it by becoming totally dependent on him. Know how to remain independent, even distant and absent from time to time. Not only will he miss you more and more, but he will also find it harder and harder to be away from you.

It is not a question of playing extremes by going on a humanitarian mission for 3 months in South Africa, it is a question of playing subtlety.

Don’t answer his texts or calls as soon as you receive them, let him wait a bit. You have a life outside of this relationship, so show him by not being available to him all the time.

Likewise, don’t sacrifice your previous life, keep seeing your friends and practicing your hobbies. You can invite him/her to join you for sure, because it is important to share within the couple.

Nevertheless, know how to keep the mystery and habits of your former life. This will also help you not to feel helpless if a break-up (hopefully not) should happen in the future. It is important that you keep your group of friends on your own.

Of course, it is nice for each member of the couple to get along with each other’s friends, but you don’t want them to think of you now only as a couple, a single entity that cannot be separated; you each have your own personality.

The woman of today wants to be autonomous and independent, while at the same time knowing how to make herself indispensable. This is why, in addition to showing your man that you have character and a life outside your couple, you will have to play your trump cards to be indispensable to him.

To make a man fall in love, and to keep him, one of the important points is to avoid tiring him out. Surprises, breaking routines, and playing on the multiple facets of your personality are all part of this plan.

Surprise him and say no to routine!

From the beginning of your relationship, your role is to show your man that he won’t get bored with you. Beware, however, arguments, melodramas and crying fits are all events that help to break the boredom, however these are not really the attitudes you have in mind when you think of the different stratagems and methods to make a man fall in love.

One thinks of surprises and the unexpected, certainly, but in a register that is more about pleasure and that later falls into the good memories box rather than into the box “How could I have stayed with that crazy woman for more than 3 months?

Among the “routine breakers” that we can quote:

– Avoid (as long as he’s not yet totally madly in love with you!), everything that we would call love killers: loose pajamas with teddy bears, apartment with a floor that looks like a dirty laundry basket, work/TV/Sleeping… it’s common sense and you may find that I don’t need to repeat this advice; but keep in mind that common sense is one of the first things we forget when we talk about love and when we feel confident and perfectly at ease with the other person!

– Surprise him. Know how to reveal, as your relationship progresses, the different facets of your personality. Keep it a mystery, don’t give it away right away. If after a few weeks or a few months your man already knows everything about you, then it’s not a good start, because men need to be surprised so as not to get bored.

Also, surprise him with actions and attitudes that he thinks are a thousand miles away from your personality. For example, if you’re rather homely and reserved, organize a surprise outing where you can let loose and show that you know how to party.

On the contrary, if you are more of a party nature and extroverted, organize a quiet and romantic evening. Candlelight dinner, Netflix party for two…

Be all the women in his life.

In the same vein, in order to make a man fall in love with you, and above all not to weary your man and in addition to showing different facets of yourself, make yourself indispensable. Indeed, in adulthood, men need landmarks and the different people around them bring them different aspects necessary for their balance and fulfillment. To caricature (but not so much in the end!), here is the ordinary pattern that we find for the social circle of most men:

– The best friend: uncontrollable since she has been dating your man since primary school, neighbor of the family home, first crush, appreciated by the parents, she knows everything about your man and he knows everything about her. Not easy, you’ll tell me, especially when he introduced her to you for the first time, it was to ask her opinion (and approval!) about you. First step, be friends with her to avoid conflicts with your man, because at this stage of the relationship, you know who he will choose if there is a conflict. Don’t overdo it, though, because she’ll find out soon enough that you’re not being sincere. With your man, without trying to dethrone her, act in the same way she would act with him: be an attentive ear when he tells you about his setbacks at work and a welcoming shoulder when he feels sorry for himself.

– The mother: beware of slippery ground. It’s crazy how the most educated of men, an activist for gender equality and the sharing of household chores, as soon as he crosses the threshold of the family home he becomes once again his mother’s favorite perfect son, who is passed on all the whims and who will never get up from his chair to help clear the table of the dinner that mother took 3 hours to prepare. Without going to extremes and acting the way his mother acts with your man, remember the qualities of a mother that make her irreplaceable, but nevertheless, a model to follow: she has a sense of listening, she doesn’t judge her son’s mistakes, she encourages him in everything he does and above all she is proud of him. Where is the big effort for you? Especially since a woman in love already feels most of these feelings for her man.

In addition to being the woman of his dreams because of your physical attributes, your conversation and your sense of humor, know how to borrow from the other women in his life their qualities, instead of being jealous of them and anxious because you will never be able to replace them in his heart. They probably feel the same way. The difference is that unlike them, you can borrow their qualities, which is not reciprocal!

Don’t get too excited and don’t put yourself in a position of inferiority.

Man is a fearful animal. A little too much turmoil in his life, too much responsibility and change in his daily life, a pedestal erected for him and here is a man who is distraught, frightened and who would rather run away.

By that, I mean you have to be careful not to rush your man.

So here is a list of advice for you to follow so that your man does not feel hunted, trapped and a little too indispensable:

– First of all, never forget that you are not yet the chosen one, and that nothing and no one is ever completely taken for granted, especially at this stage of the relationship. Don’t bombard him with messages, phone calls where you don’t have a precise goal or questions to ask him and above all, but above all, avoid fits of jealousy. Of course, your man needs to feel appreciated and to feel that he can build a future with you, but he does not want to be the only framework on which your whole life and your balance is based.

– Don’t criticize his entourage or the way he is. If, after only a few months, you use your energy to focus on what you don’t like about him and to let him know, I wouldn’t bet much on the survival of your relationship. Also, ask yourself the question: if I spend my time focusing on his flaws and criticizing him, is he really worth it? Do I really like him?

The same goes for his friends, so don’t alienate his friends. On the other hand, don’t overdo it, don’t try to create a fake complicity with them. Just keep a sense of proportion and behave with them as a civilized and mature adult. If your friends try to become his friends as well, it will be as the months go by, not after a few weeks when you forced their hand!

I hope you find these tips helpful. To sum up, let’s say that the best attitude to adopt is to remain yourself, the one you were first attracted to, while being mysterious, surprising, sexy, with a great sense of listening, romantic, festive… Not easy you will say!

And no, the main thing, as you will have understood, is to keep a sense of proportion. Stay yourself yes, but also know how to adapt certain traits of your personality to that of your man and his entourage. Remain yourself, but also be open to other perspectives and opportunities to let your personality express itself as a result of this relationship.

CONCLUSION: Making a man fall madly in love with you…

I think I’ve covered most of the points to take into account to make a man fall madly in love with you, but if in doubt, I propose to go a little further by recapitulating some details already seen above and reminding you of others.

Remain independent

You must NEVER tell yourself (or him) that you absolutely need him to live.

There is nothing worse for a man than having a girl dependent on him… As I said before, you were alone before him and you lived very well so make sure you keep that state of mind. But be careful not to go to extremes by telling him that you could do without him. Find the right balance by maintaining your own identity as a woman.

Continue to do YOUR activities and see YOUR friends from YOUR side. Forget about doing everything as a couple! Likewise, let him/her have HIS friends and HIS moments on HIS side. Of course, you can absolutely mix the two, especially if everyone gets along well, but you really need to alternate your solo and couple moments, it’s extremely important to make a man fall madly in love with you.

Create the feeling of lack

You don’t have to wait three days to answer his calls or texts, no. That said, don’t answer the second one either! If you’re available at this time T, okay.

On the other hand, if you’re busy with something else, then answer her when you can.

On the other hand, in the same idea as doing activities on your own, don’t hesitate to go away for the weekend on your own or to do things over several days without him. If it’s not your thing, don’t force yourself, but if you like it and you used to do it while being single, then don’t deprive yourself of it. He’ll miss you and you’ll probably miss him but it will make your reunion even more enjoyable! Be careful not to disappear from one day to the next without giving him any news, let’s agree.

Surprise him

If he takes you for granted AND if YOU take him for granted, then it’s a one-way ticket to routine or, worse yet, to break-up… Spice up your relationship!

Continue to seduce them and make them want you.

In other words, you have to find the right balance to make him understand that you are his girlfriend but that he still has to conquer you, seduce you, and vice versa.

It’s not only up to him to seduce you but also to you. This is essential because guys get bored quickly when a girl is easily accessible to them.

The man has to feel that he has to fight to “get” you and to seduce you. But be careful not to go to extremes either! Think of it rather as a game of seduction that will allow you to make him fall madly in love with you.

Keep a part of mystery

Don’t tell her all about yourself too quickly. Keep a little mystery and know how to find the right times to tell her some of your most personal secrets.

He’ll be flattered to feel that you trust him and that he’s the only one who knows what you’re telling him. If he knows everything about you and you are already predictable to him, he will get bored and is unlikely to fall madly in love with you…

In short, don’t go into endless “questions/answers” that would say too much about you! Let things happen naturally, discover it little by little and let it discover you at the same pace, without saying or doing too much all at once.

NEVER compare him with your exes.

There’s nothing worse for a guy than being compared to your ex-girlfriends ! Your boyfriend doesn’t want to know that your ex used to make cunnilingus or that he had a body to fall on the floor or, even worse, that your parents considered him as their own son ! Leave your exes where they belong, in your past !!! Besides, it would be a real lack of respect towards your boyfriend to compare him to them ! Remember also that you should NEVER talk about your exes in a negative or disrespectful way because it says a lot about your personality and if (unfortunately) things go badly between you, he will think that you will talk about him in the same way and it’s frankly not the ideal way for him to be in love with you. Always be respectful, whatever the situation and whatever the subject.

Beware of criticism

NEVER criticize his entourage, his family, his activities, his passions… BUT! You have every right not to be a football fan as he might be, for example. That said, don’t denigrate football if he loves it!

Let him love what he wants to love as much as you would like him to let you love what you love. Everyone has their passions and you must respect them. The same goes for those around you.

If you don’t like his mother or if you have difficulty with his brother, you can talk about it like adults by saying that you are not necessarily comfortable in their presence, but NEVER criticize them! I insist: NEVER!

Remember that if you are with him, it is not for the people around him and, moreover, if he loves them, you have to respect that. Period. You wouldn’t want him criticizing your own parents, would you? So there you go.

Just be yourself.

Don’t try to be someone you’re not! There’s no point in forcing yourself to do or say something if it doesn’t suit you!

Remember: “chase the natural and he comes galloping back” so you might as well be yourself from the start rather than start off on shaky ground and risk falling in love with someone who isn’t you.

In the same vein, don’t try to change him! When you love, you don’t count and that goes for ALL the meanings of this sentence.

Be yourself with him but also with the people around him!

Don’t try to play a role in order to get his friends or parents in your pocket! Be yourself because if you play the manipulator, it will come back on you sooner or later and, believe me, this is really not what makes a man madly in love!


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