How to Make a Woman HAPPY in 10 Tips (And why it’s important to you)

How do you make a woman happy?

This is the question that many men ask themselves every day and luckily you will be able to access a few secrets.

Maybe you’ve already been in a relationship for a few months or even a few years, or maybe you’ve had a crush on a particular woman and you want to make her happy above all else, is that it?

There are certain keys to achieving such a result: of course, wanting to stay with a woman in the long term is already a good thing, but making her happy day after day is a completely different matter.

Some would even dare to say that it’s a “job” of every moment and they wouldn’t be wrong.

Every relationship requires effort and attention and a loving relationship even more.

.. But once you get to know all these keys, once you integrate them into your habits, the reward will be worth it, you’ll see?

So, ready to discover the secrets to making a woman happy?

Making a woman happy: She needs to feel special…

The small attentions

She needs to be treated like a princess, so be courteous, be polite, open the door when you go out, give her your coat when you go out, stand up when she enters a room.

It’s not just pretending: for her, it’s the attention that really matters and shows that you still care about her.

The right compliments

Don’t forget – especially if you’ve been together for a few years – to always compliment her.

But don’t say things in a trivial way, she’ll guess that you don’t believe them.

On the contrary, to show your sincerity and your investment, pay meaningful and truthful compliments.

Adapt your speech according to the situation with “I like your hair tonight” instead of “you look good tonight! ».

The more positively you underline a detail, the better the compliment will work.

And if you want more points and make her happier for longer, don’t hesitate to compliment her in public, in front of your friends or hers, to show your affection by holding her hand and kissing her.

Real men do not fade away in front of their mates to underline the beauty or assets of his companion.

Immediately, she will feel boosted, fulfilled and confident enough.

A thought for her

If you have been together for some time, it is possible and very likely, you may forget to let her know how special she is to you.

As soon as you think about her, tell her: send her a text message, an email, leave a post-it on her desk to tell her.

Never forget to say hello to her in the morning, give her a kiss: a woman always appreciates knowing that she is the first thing you think of when you start your day.

Spontaneity, for God’s sake!

For a woman to be happy, she has to be surprised.

Remember when you first started out, she liked it when you suddenly made crazy decisions, when you took her out of her comfort zone.

Surprise her with flowers, with sweet words, small gifts, take her to dinner at a fancy restaurant, go away for a day or a weekend without telling her in advance!

Always choose a nice place because she will associate it with the image you have of her as a couple.

Laughter is the key to success

Of course, you all know the adage “laughing woman, half in bed”.

Even if it’s a bit cliché, it’s very important to make her laugh because it indicates that she appreciates your humor, that she feels good with you, confident and always wants to share good times with you.

Don’t necessarily tell rotten jokes to make her laugh, find your humor natural.

If you know her type of humor, it’s even easier!

She needs to trust you

A fulfilled and confident woman is a happy woman.

Talking about friends

For her to trust you, a happy woman must know what you think of the women around you, of your friends as well as her own.

If there is one piece of advice to follow, it is to never compliment the physical attributes of another woman in front of the woman of your heart.

If you feel like saying something nice about her, talk to her about a trait of her personality.

The woman who cares about you is suspicious of other women, so don’t hesitate to praise her in front of other women and your female friendships will be more easily accepted.

Frankness in the first place

No matter what the subject, no matter how difficult it is to really tell the truth, a woman needs to be told the truth.

Even if it’s hard to hear sometimes, she’ll prefer that you are sincere and honest with her, it’s a sign of trust.


A happy woman is also a woman who feels useful, who knows that she is your female alter ego.

For her, knowing that you can rest on her shoulders from time to time will make her feel valued and reassured.

Don’t hesitate to confide in her, to open up.

In return, she will confide her secrets to you and there is no question, of course, of divulging them.

Show her a side of your personality that few people know.

Be straight in her boots

For a woman to be confident you’re happy, there must be a notion of transparency in your relationship.

So, whether it’s on social networks or in your telephone contacts, make sure you let it be known that you are with a woman, show that you are proud of her, she will be all the more touched.

The white knight

Finally, to keep a woman happy, simply stand up for her, especially in public.z

Be that knight in shining armor who comes to her rescue: even if she defends herself, she will be all the happier and happier, even prouder, within herself.

If someone teases her, take her side: a happy woman needs to know that her man supports her.

So yes:

Making a woman happy takes effort…

…and work, but it’s really worth it.

Remember that she will always appreciate what is romantic in her eyes so keep that in mind.

Every woman is unique, it is not possible for you to treat the woman you are currently with the same as the previous one.

Recognize her needs and desires as unique and you will be on the right track!

Good luck


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