Ladies! Stop complaining, it’s not a solution

Ok…I might sound like an asshole, but I’m taking the risk because I want to share with you a very important lesson that is very dear to my heart.

I recently met an interesting, social, classy, funny and energetic woman.

We met at a party. The current between us went well, the feeling was there. While we were talking, we had the opportunity to share everything. Everything: our passions, our projects, our motivations in life, in short, THE kind of conversation we love!

At the end of the evening, I had a great time … I had to go home. So did she.

We were exchanging numbers. Classic scenario.

A few days later, I call her to ask about her, and why not, meet for a drink, to get to know each other a little better.

Indeed, we fixed an appointment on a Wednesday evening, in After, and without bothering you with details, the appointment was a total success.

So far, so good.

As a matter of fact… Not really!

3 days after our famous meeting, almost perfect, I received a first SMS (1) :

Which means, more or less:

“What a fucking shitty day! All the patients are abnormal today.”

Shocked and unaware of the usefulness of such an SMS, I did not reply.

And as you can see in the second text message:

“What a shitty life! When will my life be normal? I’m on my way home, and if I want to see my friends for two hours, I have to stay 14 hours away from home. What a shitty life! »

?? !! ??

What The Fuck ??

I had no words. I was, once again, in shock.

How is it possible that a woman who, at first, was interesting and incredibly composed, and then, within a few days, became so boring.

How is it possible that, in a phase of seduction, such SMS messages are supposed to seduce me and make me more and more interested in her?

What do you want to say to a person who tells you his problems, and who keeps talking about “shit” and how boring his life is?

How do you want to be attracted and seduced after receiving these two text messages, which I would describe as anti-seduction?

Today’s lesson!
Ladies… [Clears throat]

When you meet a man, for the first few weeks, even months,
keep your job problems, family problems, janitorial problems, gardening problems, and all the taratata, for … YOU!

And ONLY YOU (if not, your neighbor Christine is there for that).

I remember in my economics classes, the famous Pareto’s law that says that about 80% of the effects are the product of
of 20% of the cases, may also apply in our case.

“Indeed, 80% of people don’t care about your problems, and the remaining 20% are happy because you have them.”

It’s a little mean, I know, but I just want to make sure you get the message.

If you can’t stop thinking about that beautiful Fabien you met, and if you succumb to the temptation to send him a text message, for God’s sake, think twice BEFORE you press send.

Before you send anything, take a little time, take a deep breath, and tell yourself if you are adding real value to the gentleman’s day with your text message?

Telling him you’re having a shitty day, a good idea?

Telling him that your life is so boring that you want to kill yourself, a good idea?

I think you have the answer.

So, Stop complaining, it’s not sexy. ( at all!)

Thanks for reading 🙂


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