My Effective Technique For Making Good Friends In A New City

Attention: This article is also for people who do not intend to move to another city.

Before you move to a new city, you have the feeling that it will be a new opportunity to have an exciting social life and meet lots of new friends. But after you finish your move, you start to realize that it won’t be that easy.

A few weeks or months later, you start to get depressed when you see groups of friends having fun and partying on a Friday night.  But you don’t.

You begin to feel like there’s an invisible wall separating you from the social life of this city.  And it hurts.  It really hurts.

In this article, we’re going to break down the mystery together behind how hard it is to make friends in a new city.

Making Friends in a New City – The Hidden Challenge

Not being able to make friends in a new city is only a superficial problem.  It hides an even bigger problem: not having a clear method of making friends.

We pretend we know how to make friends, but if we talk about it seriously, few people know exactly what to do, where to go, what to say and the exact steps to make friends.

#Does: If you learn how to make friends in general, you can do it anywhere.  It’s when you’re in a new city that the problem becomes most urgent, but we often forget that it’s an everyday problem.

Making Friends – Specific Techniques and Steps

You will never feel alone if you learn the steps and techniques to make friends.  These steps are as follows:

1.            Meet new people

2.            Having very good conversations

3.            Keeping in touch and building friendship

4.            Enlarge your social circle

The great thing about these steps is that you can learn them at any time in your life.  It’s never too late.

To meet friends, I would like to share with you one of my best techniques, I call it the “JOIN-THE-TEAM” technique.

Meeting new people – The JOIN-THE-TEAM technique

You may have heard the famous advice that says, “to make friends, you have to join an interest group or club.  This advice is not bad, but it is far from good enough.

You and I both know how much motivation it takes to join a new club to make friends.

That’s where my technique comes from to keep you motivated to go every time, effortlessly.  This technique attracts club members to you and keeps you from feeling obligated to go to others to get to know them.

What you need to do is go to the club (or interest group) once or twice and ask the organizers if they need someone to help them organize the events.

You can say it like this: “Hi, I’ve been to your events twice, I really like the atmosphere.  I was wondering if you need help with the organization, since I’m available to lend a hand.  »

The organizers will be flattered by your interest and will most likely tell you that they would love a hand in organizing.

Now, it is important to know that this will not mean that you will have much to do.  The kind of groups you can find on,, for example, are not as active as an association or a political party.  You would really have very little to do, and chances are the team members already manage to do a lot themselves.

That’s Why This Technique Works Almost All the Time

This technique works almost all the time (I used it in several cities around the world, in different cultures) for certain reasons, such as :

– If you’re part of the organizers, it motivates you or even forces you to go out.  You won’t have to spend time convincing yourself anymore.  The motivation will always be there.

– With an organizer status, people will naturally come to you to try to get to know you.  You don’t have to make a lot of effort to reach out to others.

– You don’t need to have social superpowers, the context is such that interactions and friendships are very easy.

– You will have access to many people very quickly.  You can meet people this way literally in a week or two.

In fact, this technique makes it much easier for you to meet friends.  As soon as you try it, you will find so many motivated people to get to know that you will not have time for everyone.

Good luck!


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