Public Speaking : 3 Tips to tame your fear and hypnotize your audience

Public speaking is not always easy.

“I have a presentation next week but I’m really scared! »

Maybe that’s what you’re thinking.

But most of the time, the stage fright quickly dissipates and gives way to pleasure. I’d like to offer you 3 effective tips to tame your phobia and hypnotize your audience.

You will see that it is not very complicated and that you will be able to enjoy speaking in public.

Tip #1: Don’t look for perfection but for pleasure.

The major mistake in public speaking is wanting to achieve perfection. You have to know that it’s impossible.

Even people who are most used to public speaking can make mistakes or be confronted with oversights.

That’s not a problem at all.

The most important thing is that you enjoy your speech. Be aware that no matter how long your presentation lasts, it goes by quickly, very quickly.

In fact, it’s very common that once you’ve finished, you can’t wait to do it all over again.

You will see, the audience will not be there to punish you at the slightest wrong note; they will be kind and, in any case, you will not be putting your life on the line.

Enjoy it and treat yourself!

Tip #2: Focus on familiar and friendly faces

As much as possible, when facing the audience, focus on familiar and friendly faces.

If you only know one person in an audience of a few hundred people, that’s okay.

Don’t stare too long at that familiar face(s), but when you scan the audience, stop on that face(s).

If they know you and they know that you have stage fright, they will stay alert and do everything they can to support you during your presentation.

If you notice disruptive people or people who are not paying attention, don’t pay attention to them.

These people can be confusing or annoying and can distract you from your presentation.

Tip #3: Stay on top of your subject and, if possible, choose something you like.

There can be many reasons to speak in public.

It can be for business or pleasure. If you have the opportunity, choose a topic you like.

If you talk about something you like and are interested in, you will find it much easier to talk about it in public.

Otherwise, if a subject does not interest you, you will find it harder to enjoy talking about it in public.

Now, if you have to make a professional presentation on a subject you are not more passionate about, then focus instead on the experience itself.

Tell yourself that this is something new and exciting and that in the future you will be able to speak in public on topics that really interest you.


These are really the 3 tricks that seem to me the most essential to tame your fear and hypnotize your audience when you have to speak in public.

Once again, during your presentation, you are not going to put your life on the line so don’t give too much importance to perfection.

If you make mistakes, it doesn’t matter, it happens.

And you’ll see that you’ll bounce back naturally to keep going. If you can manage to speak in public without a hitch, that’s great!

Either way, you’ll find it’s a very pleasant experience.


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