Reverse Roles, The Ultimate Strategy

At first, girls are complicated. Later too, even if a little less by dint of experience and practice of female psychology.

Whether you’re looking to take shortcuts or catch up, here are 10 rules of the game that you need to learn as quickly as possible to understand women.

1. The blow of the female mystery, to others

As inaccessible and intriguing as may appear THE girl you covet, do not think for a moment that she does not have the spirit caught up in the banalest preoccupations of existence (to match its varnish with its lipstick, to count its hearts on Instagram, to play that which did not read its messages… ).

Nine times out of ten girls who play divas suffer from a self-confidence problem, those who pretend to be bombarded with invitations live in the anxiety of spending their weekends alone, and those who show off at everything will do it to overcome a complex.

In truth, all the talk about the “feminine mystery” is only used to fuel the marshmallow industry (books with candy pink covers, fiction scripts that one would think written by adolescents, and other doctors love a little too much mainstream, to be honest).

Understanding women is not that hard …

2. Female desire and male desire are not symmetrical

Where the grid of men’s reading is based almost or exclusively on “yes” and “no”, women tick off “maybe” in the majority of the boxes.

More psychic than physical, female desire is thus revealed to be more ephemeral, more versatile.

You have to take it into account to know how to play by activating the right levers to your advantage: the power of the verb, the power of the mystery or the power of instant are thus weapons at least as important as the physical, the diploma or the portfolio.

3. Women do not speak the same language as Men

Both cause and consequence of the previous point, the words do not have the same meaning in some and among others.

Added to this is a relationship to the much more distant concept which means that where men ask themselves a little too much all the time “why” women are very often content to explain their environment by emotion (the “natural”, the “feeling”, the feeling, astrology ).

Consequently, this inability to verbalize not only reinforces the misunderstanding of men concerning women, but it paradoxically allows the latter to gain a little more weight by not delivering never turnkey their “user manual”.

4. Women love make Love

And not just a little. And no less than men.

They love make love so much that you have to be very naive to take this idea that they would prefer a tidy and boring husband to a passionate but not always the most faithful lover.

Once understood the distinction between performance in bed and reputation in the street, everything else comes under the catechism of a nice guy.

During your interactions, as long as you do not fall into the gravelly, there is nothing wrong with assuming your intentions and your desires.

5. The competition is much tougher than you imagine

Take this girl in your amphitheater or this co-worker, do you believe that her field of possibilities is limited to her professional / school circle and his Tinder account that she does not consult “rarely”?

Or do you rather believe that her ex, that this guy she met last week in a club and that you have added an interrupted flow of notifications and new meetings wherever she sets foot?

In total it is not a few contenders, but dozens and dozens waiting their turn, all watching for a smile, a question of the most trivial or a sigh on his part to grill politeness to their fellows.

6. Women offer themselves to the winners

Faced with this quantity of candidates not all of the quality, in their race for the male most apt to reproduce women rationally do their market by granting their favors to the best – or for the overwhelming majority of them, to those whom society at one-time dubs T as the best.

Let us specify all the same that there is very, fortunately, a diversity of hierarchies, the victors being according to tastes, the strongest, the richest, the most cultivated, the coolest, etc.

[It’s up to you to invest the niche that is right for you.]

And let’s also specify that women are also subject to competition between them, those who have more options than the others go first, leaving the others to be convinced that their default choice comes from their own will.

7. No pretty girl escapes his ego

No matter the degree of innocence that emerges from a physical, when from a very young age your simple presence has attracted graces and solicitations, you get used to it … and inevitably adopt the behaviors that go with it (clearing the most basic rules of politeness, tracing its value on its number of likes, chaining mood swings …).

Well yes to be desirable, or even to be moderately desirable, it gives the melon.

The fault is largely due to the guys, who accept all of this without flinching too much, and who especially two feed this imbalance between supply and demand by not showing at the base, not the most selective.

8. Actions are worth all the words in the world

Advice which is certainly valid in all areas of life, but which takes even more value in terms of seduction where [19459004 ] the beautiful statements cloud reality a little too much.

Because women change their minds, because women don’t want to hurt you, because women have more choice than you, there are a thousand and one reasons for explaining that their facts and gestures lack consistency.

The only solution to find your way around: stick not to what they say, but to what they do (availability, response time and length of messages, frequency calls, degree of readiness…). Point.

Too many people have lost their way on the interpretation trails after a vague promise or a heart in a text message.

9. Women are not lifebuoys

Deep discussions yes, some confessions on the pillow why not, but little more.

Your girlfriend is neither your mother nor your shrink and even less a spillway for all your problems.

To take as a pretext the fact that women are more gifted than we are for listening, it is to take the risk of passing for a little boy and then to see themselves being joined the degree of attraction that goes with it.

To be a man is also not to split armor at random.

10. The more a woman is a woman, the more she likes men who are men

Do not be fooled by a certain ambient discourse that denies the otherness between the sexes and the roles assigned to each.

In real life (the one where hashtags don’t make the law), the first people to complain about this softening are women – the same women who tend to quickly infantilize men at the slightest opportunity, but good at each camp its contradictions.

So, of course, the concept of masculinity (just like that of femininity) is not frozen in time and very clever which can give it a definite definition, but to draw the outlines perhaps belongs to you it first of to make the effort of to awaken this potential which lies dormant in you.


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