[Teen Special] How To Be Alpha Male In High School

Whether in animals or humans, there is always a leader, a lion, a dominant male. But then why would everyone want to be in the boss’s shoes? Why would they want so much responsibility, so many decisions to make?

Let’s find out!

1. Characteristics of an Alpha

An Alpha is a leader. He’s the one who makes decisions, who knows how to get the crowds to follow him. You see politicians like Obama, big business leaders like Steve Jobs? They’re leaders, they’re alpha males.

They are not afraid to make choices, to make their ideas heard and to fight for them to be implemented. It is this energy put to good use that makes people want to follow them.

The second characteristic of an alpha that goes hand in hand with leadership is risk-taking. Indeed, when a leader addresses a crowd, he is not sure to be acclaimed and in the early stages he is even more likely to be booed.

Yet he tries.

He will surely pick up the first few times but he forgives his failures, learns from them and tries again until one day his efforts pay off.

In other words, he’s out of his comfort zone. In The Bodyguard, Kevin Costner’s father describes him as “a kid who was afraid to be afraid. He couldn’t stand being afraid of something so he would do and do it again and again until the fear disappeared.”

That’s the attitude of an alpha man, he takes risks in order to progress.

I mean, he’s a fighter. When he gets into something, he goes all the way, there’s no stopping him. It’s this determination that makes him so sexy, because a woman knows that whatever she can do, she won’t be able to divert him from his goal, he’s the prize.

This is the general look of an alpha, but how do young males behave when they are in high school?

2. The Behavior of Dominant Males in High School

Before I start, I’d like to make a little reminder, a high school alpha man is not a kind of failed bad boy as we often see, who allows himself to be disrespectful, insulting towards people. The little “shits” who behave this way are seductive, the time of the college, let’s say until 13-14 years old.


Because in front of them there is nothing, the majority of the kids are badly in their skin and therefore do not trust them. However, once they reach high school, the “sandbox scum” find themselves facing competition, guys who have confidence in themselves. As a result of the races, we don’t give a damn about them and it’s the real alpha-men who leave with the girls.

After this little face-lift, let’s get back to our subject, how alphas behave in high school.

A dominant male gets involved in the life of his class, his high school… For example he can propose himself as a delegate or a position that I prefer as a DJ during student parties or parties organized by the high school. In this way he imposes his leadership.

At the level of his social circle, he always proposes new ideas. For example, the new James Bond movie is coming out and you know that one of your friends is a fan? So instead of looking at him in his own corner, why don’t you ask him to come with you? That way you’ll have a good time and strengthen your social circle.

When he’s seducing, he’s not needy. He knows what he is worth, he is sure of himself and his value. That’s why he doesn’t wait like a beautiful AFC for his target to make him THE wonderful kiss-close of his dreams.

Does he want to kiss him?

He grabs the lady by the hips and kisses her like a gladiator.

But Patrik, what if she pushes him away? Then he smiles, and so much the worse for her.

He would never come and ask her out or beg her to go out with him. She says no and well, he forgives himself his “failure” and learns from it, because let’s not forget, he is always looking for progress.

Well, that’s all well and good, but how do you become the prize?

3. The art of being the prize

To be the prize is not to focus on one and only one girl. Why is that? Because dating more than one girl not only raises your testosterone levels, but also prevents you from clinging to one of them.

That way, the more girls you meet, the greater your choice and therefore the greater the prize. In short, the more you seduce… the more you seduce.

The second step, and not the least, is to have a life. Have passions, activities, goals… This way you won’t put women at the center of the world and therefore you won’t make a mountain out of a molehill when you get a rake, because you’ll have more important things to do.


The art of being the prize is first of all a state of mind before being an attitude. Having a life, making decisions, trusting yourself… makes you attractive.

So, work today to have a splendid mentality for tomorrow 😉

And you, do you consider yourself an alpha? If so, how did you get there? Tell us in a commentary.


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