Why don’t you ever get what you really want…

Many of us, whether we know it or not, live inside a prison of our own design. This prison has neither iron bars nor walls visible to the naked eye; yet it is just as effective in depriving us of our freedom as a real prison cell.

It is our comfort zone.

Comfort zones come in a wide variety of different forms, from where we live and the circles of people you frequent, to the amount of money we earn.

The primary force that keeps you alive within your zone is the fear-based belief about what could happen to you if you were to get out of it.

Regardless of how ridiculous or unrealistic this belief may be, you will accept it as truth, depending on your level of certainty.

In fact, your comfort zone is not comfortable, but it is a virtual prison that prevents you from evolving and growing as a human being.

The bars of the prison are your fears about what might happen to you if you cross them. So the key to your freedom lies in the removal of the underlying beliefs that are the very cause of this fear of existence.

Just for a moment, think about a goal or a dream you have that seems beyond your reach. Now check and see if achieving it would involve going outside your comfort zone or entering unfamiliar territory.

Maybe it’s your dream job, a new relationship, starting your own business, losing weight, or living in a completely different way on the other side of the world.

As you do this little exercise, notice how a subtle feeling of fear or nervousness begins to emerge from the bottom of your chest or guts.

This is the unconscious part of your mind that comes into action with the firm intention of dissuading you from doing anything that might put you in danger.

Most of the time you don’t even realize the influence that your comfort zone plays in your life, and you will find yourself looking for someone to blame for your lack of perseverance towards your goals, for your laziness and procrastination.

However, if you stop and consider for a moment why you can’t put a cross in front of that line on your to-do list, such as making that phone call, or filling out that application, then you will begin to realize the real cause:

What you really want to do is outside your comfort zone.

It is your beliefs that compel your mind to do all of this; therefore, in order to break the chains of self-imposed limitations and successfully accomplish what you really want, you will need to remove them.


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